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Summer Project

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It’s been while since my last post. I got the most wicked stomach virus which had me hating food for way too long an I had no interest in cooking or eating. Besides that I was finishing up nursing school and just graduated!!! Now it’s time for me to study for the boards – while I’m at it I decided to start a vegetable garden. My dad built for me a 8 by 16 raised bed so I can grow some of my vegetables! So excited. I planted a variety of herbs, mesclun, lettuce, lemon cukes, beets, radishes, royal purple beans, rainbow Swiss chard, bell peppers, and tomatoes. Probably too ambitious for a beginner garden, but we’ll see how it goes. 


So there is my tiny starter garden. There are some tomato and pepper seedlings. My dad just could not fathom why I would ever want to start a garden from seed so he had to get those. The white ties are not cute but they are to keep the deer from running head on into the fence.

 So there are my first tomatoes, they happened the day after transplant so I’m not sure if they occurred because the plant was stressed or what. But they are cute!


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I am 25 years old, living on Long Island. I recently finished my second Bachelor's (ha) getting a degree in Nursing from Columbia University! I love photography, cooking, wine, healthy eating, and eastern Long Island in general - and this is what I've dedicated my blog to.

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